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Welcome to Wilmington NC ’s hottest  bachelor and bachelorette party planning website in the area! This site will make it easy to plan your ultimate bachelor & bachelorette parties in Wilmington NC. Cape Fear Entertainers specializes nightclubs bottle service, corporate event planning, bachelor party & bachelorette party planning. We offer discount hotel room rates, VIP access to hottest Wilmington NC nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs, limos, golf, dining and show tickets.

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Bachelor Parties FAQ

What type of entertainment do you offer for your bachelor parties in particular? In addition to providing the best bachelor party entertainment, we also have a variety of exotic dancers for birthdays, retirement, divorce,  going away, or any type of party you can possibly imagine! Our models are also involved in many promotions at bars, night clubs, concerts, and radio events. We have also done golf outings, booth girls at conventions, topless waitresses for any event, poker parties, and a variety of other events. Any time you need a sexy lady, give us a call. We have the classiest entertainment around.

There are a few other entertainment services in town, why should we choose you? There are so many reasons it would take a separate web site to list them all, but here are a few important ones that you should know:

1. Beautiful dancers: We are very selective about the girls we use for parties. All of our girls have photos on the web site so there are no surprises the night of your party. We are proud of our girls and we like to have you see their photos before you book your party. Don’t be fooled by companies that say they use “accurate descriptions” instead of photos, have web sites that somehow manage to offer the same girls and photos for several cities around the country, or photos that are copied from other adult web sites and advertised as “local” dancers. Several of the local companies here seem to follow that practice. You will be very disappointed when your entertainer walks through the door unless you book with Cape Fear Entertainers.

2. Reliability: Our dancers actually show up to your party. You would be surprised by the great number of phone calls we receive on Saturday night from people who booked from a different agency and their entertainer never showed up. While we occasionally may be able to send someone out last minute, we are usually completely booked up by Saturday night and if you didn’t book with us, unfortunately you run the risk of your entertainer from another “company”  never showing up. We have been in business for over 12 years and have never had an entertainer not show up for a party.

3. Price: Our prices are extremely reasonable. We also fulfill what we advertise. Don’t be fooled by places that charge a little less than us for the dancer to arrive, but then charge almost double that when the dancer shows up because their price didn’t include “nudity”. That my friend we consider “upselling.”  You end up paying much more for exactly what we offer for a lower set rate up front. We offer a “totally nude” price as well as a “topless” quote instead of surprising you with an “extra charge for nudity” the night of the party. We also guarantee at least one hour for our nude parties, while many other places do not offer time guarantees and leave after 15 minutes. Our ladies will not be watching the clock in anticipation of leaving.

4. Peace of Mind: Once you have a dancer reserved with us, you no longer have to worry about entertainment. If at any time you would like to make sure of your arrangements or have any questions, you can call our customer service line and be reassured that everything is going as planned. We are here for you, we value our customers.

The girls on this site are HOT, are the pictures of your actual dancers? Yes. 100%. We only have photos of the entertainers that are currently doing parties  and escorting for us. The pictures are current, real, and updated constantly if there are any changes to the lineup. We encourage you to pick out the exact entertainer you would like to have at your party or special occasion. We will make every effort to ensure that dancer will be at your party. In extremely rare cases we may need to change scheduled dancers, so please make a few choices.We will never change your dancer with out prior approval from you! Only entertainers actually on our web site appear at parties, so you can rest assured you will be getting a quality dancer without exception.

Will the Entertainer need anything when she arrives? Other than the fee if it hasn’t been taken care of by credit card, our escorts will need a bathroom to freshen up before the party and a CD player in the room where the party is happening. (if you do not have a CD player to provide, please let us know and we will bring a “boom box”.) Also, a sturdy, kitchen table type chair, preferably with no arm rests. It is ideal to start the guest of honor off seated in a chair of this type.

Do all the dancers put on the same type of show? No, they don’t. Our entertainers performances vary as widely as their looks. Personalities of the dancers can sometimes be extremely different. We recommend you check out the reviews section as well as the photos of the dancers before you book your party to get an idea of each dancers personality as well as their looks.

I’ve been at two separate parties where the same dancer performed and the performances were quite different, why is this? Two reasons, comfort level and surroundings. A party in a pole born on a cement floor may differ quite a bit from a party indoors in comfy room with carpeted floors. Both parties would still be entertaining, and there are advantages to both, but the content would most likely be different. The dancers also feed off the parties energy. If it’s an enthusiastic and positive party where the guys are generous and complimentary, the show would obviously be different than at a party where the guys were being rude and disrespectful. Like we always say, if you treat your entertainer like a princess, she unleashes her wild side. If you disrespect her, she will be afraid to get close enough to you to even give you a good dance.

The bachelor doesn’t want to get dances so his fiancee won’t get mad, is this okay? Of course it’s okay. We certainly don’t want to get anyone in trouble. If there are any specific rules you have for your bachelor or ANYONE at the party about getting dances, PLEASE tell us. We will follow your rules just as we expect you to follow ours.

Ok its time to party! Call 910 254 2072 to set up your party today!

We have girls and models that can accommodate any party. Please contact us for more information about our party service. We can service Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas.

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